Monday, September 26, 2011

Harvest Monday 9/26

It has been raining this week and cooling off a bit. I think the rain is helping the garden, but the cooler weather is slowing down the growth of the warmer weather veggies. It's good for the cool weather veggies though! The garden is definitely winding down and needs to be cleaned out some!
Click on over to Daphne's Dandelions to see what others are harvesting!

The FIRST cucumber for me this season! If I am lucky maybe I'll get one more! A little spinach, a few raspberries, a couple of broccoli side shoots. My daughter has been eating a bunch of spinach lately and wanted me to send some in her lunch bag for lunch. Can you guess what she did with it? SHE THREW IT AWAY! Grrrr ;)

These pumpkins needed saving from the SVBs that were in their stems eating their way toward the pumpkin! The stem on the short fat one was completely severed and the vine dead. I don't have a ton of hope that it will turn, but I will try anyway. I have a little more hope for the other one because it does have some bright orange on it! I HAVE had these particular pumpkins finish ripening inside before, so it gives me hope! Three more are turning orange out there, but the vines are pretty much dead. I have more hope for them. I also have the first of the Goldie Husk Cherries. They are sweet and sour!

I finally took a ladder out to get to the Matt's Wild Cherry tomatoes! Uhg! I gave them away to my friend. Her girls love them and her tomatoes did not make it due to Deer problems and overcrowded plants. So I shared!

Another small watermelon back there. The first one tasted just fine. I wish I could grow something bigger than a baseball! I have probably 5 more out there about baseball size. This one is a tad bigger.  My first Black Beauty Zucchini of the season! More spinach, and more dried Dragon Tongue Beans.


  1. I'm impressed, you are still getting a lot! As for the pumpkin even if it doesn't turn you can still eat it at least. Stinking bugs! Squash almost always have trouble getting to full maturity. :-(

  2. Very nice harvest for this time of the year! I guess that I'm not the only one who had cucumber problems this year. I bought some on Saturday at the farmer's market to finish making my pickles.

    I guess that you won't be packing any more spinach in your daughter's lunch :)

  3. Nice harvest. You are definitely the master of cherry tomatoes! Are your tomatoes planted in the raised beds? Next year the plan for my garden is to install the final raised beds for the tomatoes. If I could get your yield of tomatoes,I won't have to worry about it.

  4. Your produce looks beautiful this week - but what is it with kids disposing of veggies??? Arrgh! What you Goldie Husk Cherries, I think are what I call Cape Gooseberries and the English call Physalis - isn't it funny how something can have such completely different names? I love them, as does my daughter - now that is something which doesn't end up on the floor - perhaps I should grow them and nothing else....

  5. I like those small sized melons. A full sized variety is too big for the two of us to use. You are getting a nice variety and quantity from your garden still. Good work!