Friday, September 16, 2011

I'll do it myself!

Have you seen the cost of some of those hair bands at places like Gymboree and even Kohls? They are so expensive! And my daughter has fallen in love with them after getting a couple at the Gymboree outlet! So, I started making some of my own. Why not save a little money.

Maybe I'll branch out a little and try doing some of the twisted ones too. But for these, I have been using a hoop for cross stitching and laying out the ribbons with a hairband under one ribbon and then sewing it on. Pretty easy! Those two little flowers were stickers in the scrapbook section that I pulled the sticker off of and sewed a rubber band too! She loves them! Problem is, I went crazy buying ribbon and now have a ton of it and probably did not save any money! ;) But hey, she'll be hooked up on some streamer hairbands! They might make some good gifts too!


  1. Great idea! When my daughter was young I made all of her dresses and bows for her hair. We would go to Macy's & John Wanamakers and she would pick out a dress she liked (usually close to $100. in the late 80's for a toddler size dress!) and then I would make her the dress. It was made of better quality material and cost just a fraction of what we saw in the stores. I don't know if you have a ribbon outlet near you. They have great prices on ribbon!

  2. I have not heard of a ribbon outlet! I should look into it!

  3. My daughter would love these - great idea.