Sunday, September 18, 2011

Turkey Porcupines w/ pasta and chard

I started with a recipe such as this one, Turkey Porcupines. I used some fresh from the garden mashed tomatoes, fresh green onions, some dried cilantro and I added dried basil to the recipe as well.  When it was all done I added some cooked noodles and and some chard from the garden until it wilted. My daughter first looked at it and said very passionately, "that looks disgusting!!" Well, of course, the good mother that I am, I made her eat it anyway! Ha! And she loved it and asked for more meatballs, and finished everything else too. The other two did a great job as well! Turned out to be a winner!

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  1. I get that a lot - the "disgusting" comments that is, its usually followed by an "oh its not too bad.....perhaps you could make it again" - funny isn't it. I've never dried basil - does it keep its flavour?