Sunday, October 30, 2011

Treasure Chest Birthday Cake

Eli turned 2 this week. Can you believe it? The kids decided they wanted to be Jake and the Never land Pirates from Disney channel, Jake (Jacob), Izzy (Daisy), and Cubby (Eli).
 So for the birthday cake I decided to build a treasure chest! This was an overwhelming task! I was worried all week but it turned out so awesome!
The top is made out of a rice crispy treat that I molded into shape and covered in chocolate. It took 3 batches! The bottom is chocolate cake and chocolate frosting! I used a 11"X15" cake pan and cut it in half and stacked it. The top is held on with 5 wooden dowels, 2 on the sides to look like the hinges, and three hidden inside the back of the cake.

Jake and the Never land Pirates Treasure Chest Cake
I piped on all the trim, I was going to use fruit leather but could not find any in yellow, but I think this turned out way better! I loaded it up with chocolate/gold coins, gold nugget chocolates, ring pops, candy necklaces, rock candy and anything else that looked like pirate loot! My MIL piped on the swords, I was not sure I could do that. And it was her idea to use a rice crispy treat for the lid!
It turned out great and was time consuming but no where near as hard as I thought it would be!
 I think everyone really enjoyed it!


  1. How fabulous is that cake! My little boy turned 2 today, but my bear effort was a lot less elaborate and less impressive I'm afraid. He looks very happy there in front of his cake.

  2. Thanks Liz! Happy Birthday to your boy!

  3. Beautiful cake. Happy Birthday Eli!

  4. That is one super duper cake! Wow!!! And I just have to say that your harvest totals are staggering...I am super duper impressed.

    I may also be saying super duper over abundantly- the fault being one of my 3 year olds books about a superduper spy kit! LOL.

  5. Noooooo! Eli can't be two years old already! Wasn't it just a few weeks ago he was just a tiny baby? Happy belated birthday to the little guy :-)

  6. Such a neat cake! You did a great job and I think the yellow looks awesome. The kids looked so amazed! 3 batches of rice crispy treats- your hard work paid off!

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