Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cardinal Crab Apple

To replace the large maple that we had to have removed, we replaced it with a smaller more manageable Cardinal Crab Apple. It is suppose to only get about 16 feet tall with about a 20 foot spread. The leaves are suppose to be a purplish red color with dark pink blooms. And it is in full bloom now!
 The tree is about 10-12 feet tall and I got it on sale. Great deal!
 And the bees are already swarming it!
Since I got it on sale, I had money left to get some azaleas and a hydrangea, which I will post pictures of when they are in full bloom! It has been quite hot around here. It is only March and I already have the kid pool out. Everything is blooming and budding several weeks early. Sure hope it does not cause any damage and we don't get any hard freezes. But Summer....uh hum (ya, it's that hot), Spring is definitely welcome!