Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Raspberries, Blueberries, and Cranberries!

It has been a while since I have posted. But this weekend I received my plants and was eager to get them in the ground!
This is a picture of how the area in front of my deck looked last year in June.

Over the weekend dh replaced the lattice around the deck. Much better! Can't wait to get new boards on the top! Soon!  After he did that, I dug out about 6 inches along the front and added compost and peat moss with some soil acidifier to prepare the area for planting my Blueberries, cranberry and replant my azaleas, or as my son kept calling them, "cazaleas"!
The arrow on the right points to the tiny little cranberry bush, also pictured below. The other three arrows point to the blueberry bushes. Atlantic, Ivanhoe, and Herbert.
North American Cranberry
I may have planted everything a little too close, we'll see. If so, I guess I will have to do some rearranging again. But I thought that the azaleas would look pretty blooming below the blueberry bushes once they got taller. And yes, my "Cazaleas" look pitiful, I hope my soil amendments will improve them, but they are still alive!

 Here is the raspberry bed. I may need to do some adjusting to make this work. Put up some supports. In the bed I have 3 Latham Red, 3 Heritage Red, and 3 Fall Red. I was hoping to get enough variety to get berries for a longer period of time. There are also some carrots seedling sprouting toward the bottom of the picture.

After digging up the area in front of the deck I had a LOT of lily bulbs to find places for. I probably planted more than 30 in various places around the yard and still had a bunch left. Some I gave away to a friend. 
A bunch of little ones left here, and a few I hacked. I think I will pot some up and take them to my moms next week. I wish I could plant them all, they are so pretty, but there just isn't room!
Inside the pop up green house all is looking well. In the bed there is garlic, spinach, peas, and chard. In the open tray is onions, and over the weekend, I added the tray with the cover and plant warming pad with tomatoes and peppers.
I am just trying this out, so I hope it works. I may have to bring them in some over the next week though cause it is suppose to get cold overnight for a bit. But I hope this works out better. I seem to run out of room awfully fast with all those tomatoes and peppers in my indoor greenhouse, and not enough light for them all.
The inside greenhouse is doing well also, the basil is hanging on from last year, and there is some thyme and rosemary coming along. More will be planted soon. I need to get more organized with my seed starting!

Well, I hope not to slack too much on my blogging this summer, but you know, with the third little one running around, I am doing good just to be getting my garden started. It was easier last year when the boy didn't move around! Now I actually have to chase him!