Monday, September 12, 2011

 It has been raining a lot this week, so I did not get out to the garden too much. But I am happy for the rain. My garden has needed it.

The third zucchini was picked! Getting a few fall raspberries! My Celebrity Tomatoes have taken on and odd pear shape!

Picked the first cauliflower! Not sure about one, the top one looked like maybe it was going to bolt in the middle, but the outside did not look ready. Hmmm, maybe it is because this was a SPRING planted Cauliflower that finally produced something! The other one looked great.

The first and tiny watermelon. It has not grown in weeks if not longer, so I decided to just pick it. It was small but it did taste good. The kids ate it right up.
Head on over to Daphne's Dandelions and check out the other harvests and post your own!
I am making this short and sweet this morning because I am taking my little boy to his first day of preschool!
Happy Harvesting!


  1. I hope your little boy had a lovely time, I know I'll be ridiculously sentimental when my almost 2 year goes in a year or so. My 5 year old starts school in February and I already have that mixed feeling of pride and also "where's my baby gone..." I used to be so pragmatic and practical too - now emotion seems to rule. Oh well. Glad the rain finally came!

  2. I have never seen Celebrity tomatoes take on that shape. Siletz almost always has that little peak to it but I thought that just the genetics of that plant - not a response to the environment conditions. I wonder now if that is indeed the case.

  3. Liz, It's neat that your kids are the same age as mine! I started my almost 2 yr old early because he is the youngest and a smart little bugger and I thought he could use the learning stimulation and social activity with his brother and sister in kindergarten now! I am always mixed too. I do enjoy having some time to get things done!

    kitsapFG -These tomatoes were of regular shape early in the season. A lot of the other tomato plants have become diseased and the celebrity and the Cherokee purple seem to be doing well except for the odd shape! So I assume it is environmental, maybe how it is handling the disease around it.

  4. Completely jealous of your watermelon and raspberries! We have zero sweetness happening in the garden right now :-( I must plan better next year!

  5. What a nice harvest and big day for the little one! The little ones grow up so fast! Too fast...if you ask me!

  6. Big day for the little one. Hope he had a good first day.

    See you are still getting a lot of cherry tomatoes! The shape of the Celebrity tomatoes is definitely weird. On the blossom end, like there was something that restricted growth on that end, causing the pear shape. I would guess it is weather related (cold or dry).

    By the way, how was the flavor of Celebrity? Annie's Kitchen Garden did a blind tasting of 77 types of tomatoes in August and Celebrity was one of her two picks for best flavor. I may try it next year.

  7. Very cute tomatoes! I wish for some rain too.