Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Kid chef hat, apron and skirt

Not a lot has been happening in the garden lately, but creative projects have not been lacking around here. Maybe a few posts back you remember seeing a boys chef hat and apron I made. Recently I have been working on another chef hat and apron for my niece for Christmas. And my daughter wanted a Christmas skirt. She also tried her foot at sewing a strait seem or two.
We had a bunch of left over Christmas material from several Christmas' ago. Last year we crafted this t-shirt. We put elastic in the sleeves and waist and put bows on the sleeves and uses some Christmas fabric to make a Christmas Tree with a ribbon at the top. Yesterday we decided to make a skirt with more of the left over fabric. She loved it so much she doesn't want to take it off.

And this is the most recent Child's Chef hat and apron I made. I thought it turned out even better than the last. Practice makes perfect (or better anyway)! I think that my 4 year old niece will absolutely love it! I hope!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Harvest Monday 11/12

I didn't post last week because there simply isn't much going on in the garden except maybe a bit of an overhaul.
This was last weeks harvest

This weeks harvest. All these peas went into and orange chicken stir-fry for dinner last night.

2 new 8 foot beds! I transplanted the pak choi here and planted my garlic. Hope the pak choi survives its move, it just wasn't getting enough sun in its previous location.

This 4X4 bed has been covered to try to extend the harvest a bit longer. These are the purple snap peas.

and at the bottom of the covered bed there are about 8 spinach plants and 4-5 lettuce plants and one cilantro. They are all quite small still but hopefully will give us something. Something kept eating them down to the ground before I got the cover on, now they have some protection from not just the cold but the critters!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Child's Apron and Chef's hat

While the garden has not been producing much these days, we have had a chance to use some of our frozen reserves!
I recently bought this set at Target for the kids, there is only one. My dd has taken claim to it and I thought maybe it did look a bit girly so I decided I would get to working making one one for ds.

DD has made some pumpkin gingerbread with me in her new little bunt pan. It lasted about a minute! We love this pumpkin gingerbread recipe we found on Allrecipes.com, it is one of our favorites.

Well, here is my work. An apron and Chef's hat with little airplanes on it. He loved it and wanted to make something right away. And when I say right away, I mean the boy was downright impatient! ( I needed to clean up the kitchen first!)

So, here he is helping me make pumpkin cranberry bread. He really likes it but I think the Pumpkin gingerbread is better, and the cranberry nut bread recipe on the back of the cranberry package! Can you tell we like pumpkin around here? ;)