Saturday, August 20, 2011


I tried planting Goldie Husk ground cherries. I did, really! And I was surprised the other day to find that it was not a dream!
Look! They are real! It is a small plant and there are very few, but it is there!

The lonely plant was found amongst the Nasturtium and beans in the Parsnip bed! I had no idea it was there! I have paid little attention to the parsnip bed because I know I will not be looking at them until after the first frost. I'm trying not to baby them! So I was very happy and surprised to see this growing in there! Even if it is small and bug eaten!

I was NOT happy to find this surprise ALL OVER one of my beautiful mums! Every branch is covered. I sprayed with Neem last night and will probably start spraying with a hard spray of water in a couple of days after the Neem has had it's chance to work. Buggers! They better not ruin my mums!

Red Sails Lettuce seedlings. Figure I better get a pic of them now before they get big enough for the bunnies to eat! They are along the borders of the front flower beds! I don't know what I was thinking!

The last chance summer squash and cucumbers planted away from the main garden are doing well for now! I have been keeping a close eye on them for borer eggs and squash bugs and cucumber beetles. Yesterday I got one teeny tiny little zucchini from the main garden, the plant was completely severed by the svb's eating through the main stem! These plants though appear to be getting ready to set some fruits! Come on cucumbers and squash! I can't go a whole season with none!

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