Friday, August 19, 2011

Planting the Fall Garden

I have almost finished planting the fall garden. I might be a little late, but I think I will still get some things!

Peas and short season beans are planted here. This was one of the corn beds. I pulled the corn, dug, layered it with newspaper and added compost to the top. Ready for some seedlings to pop up!

Another corn bed that was surrounded with beans. Dug it up, amended and put in Broccoli

The other corn bed, dug up, amended and Cauliflower was planted.

I planted stuff all over the yard, wherever I could squeeze it in! Broccoli in the flower bed. I also planted spinach seeds in this bed.
I planted a bunch of lettuce randomly around the yard as well. I put some Red Sails along the borders of the front flower beds thinking it would look pretty. Then my husband reminded me of the bunny problem. He said I'll just be feeding the bunnies! Uhg! I think one already ate one of my broccoli seedlings.
I also had some empty squares in my beds that I planted some Pak Choi/Bak Choi in. So nice to get a fresh start in the garden. I just hope the bugs slow down soon! Think I'll make some more hot pepper spray. It seemed to help the beans!

I am getting some watermelons! I hope they all have time to mature cause there seems to be several setting that appear to have been pollinated! Woo hoo! I have never been successful with watermelons!
 I also killed the one big carving pumpkin out there! The squash bugs were chewing the heck out of it and I tried to turn it a bit to look at it and it broke off. It must have been on it's way down hill anyway. It is however setting another. Since it isn't a pumpkin we will be eating, I think I may put some sevin on just the pumpkin itself (not the vine) just to keep the bugs from eating it! Don't know what else to do. Boogers!


  1. Noooooooo - It's not fall yet!! But it does look beautiful.

  2. Somethings eating my broccoli too - but I suspect mice or perhaps rats rather than rabbits. Love your watermelon - and its support!

  3. Grow, Watermelon, Grow! I planted 3 watermelon plants this year and have only two small fruit.

    It is nice to clean out a garden bed or two and plant something new. I've been busing doing the same thing this weekend.

  4. I have herds of viscious rabbits roaming through my neighborhood. They chomped my spring broccoli down to NUBS and after extensive fenching those same plants are just now starting to produce. I hope maybe the rabbits won't be too enticed by your lettuce that they hang around =)