Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A few end of August happenings

The tomatoes are still producing, there are plenty of green ones out there that have plenty of time to ripen. I have lost probably 6 or more tomato plants so far, and probably about 6 healthy ones remain and a few not so healthy ones. The cherry tomatoes all seem to be doing just fine! They are coming out my ears. Can you see them? 
My big green squash patch has turned brown and flat with a few vines still surviving around the outside edge of the patch, but covered in powdery mildew. Hope to keep them surviving long enough to turn the pumpkins orange! There are 5 sugar pumpkins and one Dill's Atlantic Giant. As for other winter squash, nothing. I got one Carnival squash and something happened because it was the worst chemically tasting thing I had EVER tasted! Strait to the garbage!  Blech!

Do you see that? I am getting summer squash!!!!! YaY!!! There are 2 there almost ready! Pumpkin Zucchini bread is in the foreseeable future! Mmmmmm!

Aren't these pretty! Sweet Potato Flowers. Only 2 in the whole patch but they are pretty!


The Dills Atlantic Giant doing good! Trying to keep the squash bugs from eating it!

Do you know what this is? The squirrels went after these after the corn was demolished. Yep, all the sunflowers were beheaded! I was going to try to save seeds, but they got to them first! Ah, oh well. Not as disappointed about this as the corn!

Lettuce seeds. "Peanut" butter crunch. (my daughters name for it)

This is the largest of the sugar pumpkins. One of them is showing a hint of orange! Not too long!
The peas seem to be doing well.

They look healthy.
But, the beans I had planted disappeared!  Not a sign of them insight. Too late to try again! Next year!
Those are just a few things happening around the garden this end of August! Still looking good. Just need to try to keep up with the watering better. It is super dry out there! I've slacked on that the past couple of weeks. Adjusting to a new schedule with the kids catching the bus, well, let's just say I am NOT a morning person!
Happy Gardening!


  1. I am cheering you on for victory against the squash bugs! Hurrah! Hurrah! Your peas look lovely...I haven't gotten mine planted yet. I may be too late, but am gonna try and squeeze them in!

  2. I had no idea thats what a sweet potato flower looked like. I'm looking at my stems in the glass hopefully for shoots - do you remember how long yours took? Ahhh so powdery mildew is a worldwide problem, perhaps the UN should get someone onto it immediately it caused havoc in my pumpkin patch last year and my attempts at dealing with it with milk solutions were both hopeless and a bit expensive....

  3. Go pumpkins, go! I am currently experiencing pumpkin woes, so I hope that everyone besides me has luck with them this year.

    Too bad about the sunflowers, but at least your peas are doing well! I don't know if we can get a fall crop of peas... our weather seems to be in the 90-100 range until October when the first frost comes out of nowhere. Not exactly pea friendly weather!