Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hopeful Previews

I say hopeful because the squash bugs, cucumber beetles, vine borers and other critters are in full force out there in the garden! I have even found borers in the corn...boo!
This plant has 3 summer ball pumpkins growing on it, but the vine appears to be just riddled with borer holes. I would destroy the plant if I tried to cut them all out. There is another plant barely hanging on too, with one pumpkin on it.

There are lots of these little Orange, Yellow and Red peppers waiting to turn colors. I got the first yellow one today.

I think I got my seeds mixed up, I thought this was suppose to be an Orange Sun Bell, but it appears to be Purple Beauty Bell. There are three decent peppers growing on there. I was not happy with this plant last year, we will see how they turn out this year. There are two other plants that are suppose to be Orange Sun Bells.

The bigger of TWO Dills Atlantic Giants for the kiddos! Hope they make it!

One of three melons out of a bunch of plants. Happy to see these but disappointed in the production! The watermelon do not seem to be doing great either. I have had 3 melons, and two got about baseball size or a little less and then shriveled up. But over the weekend we got rain and the vines have grown a bunch and more watermelons are setting!

White Acorn squash from seed saved from a store bought organic squash.

I believe this is suppose to be one of the Sugar Pumpkins, but all of the ones on this vine appear oblong...

instead of more circular like this one.

The only Butternut on a long vine. The first one did not get pollinated, I was out of town. I will be watching for this one to open up and pollinate that baby myself!

A cute little friend I found behind the butternut on some bean leaves. I don't know how helpful he is, he is about the same size as a squash bug! But hopefully he is eating some bean beetles that are destroying my bean leaves!

The parsnip bed is full and growing strong. Hope they turn out well, this is my first try at them!

Since I have not gotten any summer squash or cucumbers I planted some away from the garden up around my deck to try one more time! If these don't make it, I'll have none this year! And yes, the beetles and squash bugs have found them already!

The sweet potato vines are looking good and growing long amongst the pumpkins and squash, however there is a mole under all these plants and I hope it isn't bothering my sweet potatoes. Only time will tell! This is my first try at sweet potatoes too!

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  1. One of my pumpkins is doing that same oblong thing! Weird! I guess we just have to wait and see!