Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Bugs and Blooms

The Mantis' have hatched! 
 I spread them all around the garden.
They are enjoying the vegetables.
 Butterflies are making a return for spring. Waiting on a lot of flowers to bloom to see more.

I ordered Lady bugs, Lacewings larvae, nematodes and Mantis sacks a few weeks ago. All have been released, but I kept the mantis sacks in a bug box until they hatched and then released them with the kids.  I have seen the Lady bugs hanging around in a variety of flowers. I didn't have any aphids at the moment so I am glad to still be seeing a few of them hanging around. I used the nematodes around the Raspberries. Hopefully that will keep the Japanese beetle numbers down.

Snowhill Salvia

Garlic Chives

Snow in Summer started from seed last spring. This is its first time to flower.

Potato Flower


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