Monday, August 5, 2013

Harvest Monday 8/5/13

It is Harvest Monday at Daphne's Dandelions and the harvests are great this time of year. 

I picked a few things specifically to make up some salsa and use up some tomatoes.
More stuff for the salsa.

These plants were killed by disease, borers and squash bugs.  They weren't quite ready yet, but what do ya do? Maybe they will be ok hidden in some pumpkin bread or something. We ate the buttercups for dinner and froze the leftovers.

I picked all the carrots from my sons garden pot so we could plant more for fall. The second round of raspberries is starting to produce slowly.  I am not getting many pickling cucumbers so we planted some more in my daughters garden pot. We like our pickles! We have ate every jar we have made so far. We have only made 1 or 2 at a time of fermented pickles. Will grow more picklers next year!

I think one of my sebring zucchini's got cross pollinated or diseased or something, it is mixed green and yellow. There is a great white tomato, a funky Cherokee purple, and maybe a rutgers. Lipstick peppers, Chinese Red Noodle Beans.

We are going camping this week, visiting Lake Michigan as we speak. So I had lots of preparing to do before we left, getting all the veggies off the counter and out of the fridge, frozen or canned. Lots of shredded zucchini, beans, salsa, and fermented pickles.

I also prepared lots of stuff for our trip, 4 loaves of bread. I used a new recipe and it tastes good but I still can't get it to stop being so weak in the middle and falling over when sliced. I also made Granny's chocolate zucchini "muffins", my daughter calls them because they don't have frosting! And some granola, mixed with nuts, oats, butter, honey, almond butter, seeds, and chocolate chips.

Last harvest before leaving. 2 small sugar pumkins, lipstick peppers, zucchini, chinese red noodle beans, a bit of dill for more pickles and also seeds! A few tomatoes for the road! Mmmm, this second round of raspberries are tasting much better! They are sweeter and firmer. Maybe because the Japanese beetles are gone, they have a chance to mature properly. Or the variety is just plain better! Hope I can make more pie soon!


  1. That's a lot of preparation you have to do before camping. Your harvests look awesome. The pumpkins look pretty ripe to me. Have a great camping trip!

  2. That granola, cupcakes and bread sure looks good. Can I go camping with you? :-)

    Everything looks great, but it's too bad about your squash. I put some under ripe butternuts in my garage last year, and they actually ripened by early spring.

  3. That is quite a harvest you have there! I think your squashes and pumpkins look pretty good for having to be harvested early!

  4. You are doing wonderful with the variety of harvest you are getting and then preserving things so well. I have never seen a green and yellow zucchini! Have fun camping on Lake Michigan. We live about 7 miles from Lake Michigan. Looks like you prepared some nutritious yummies to take! Nancy

  5. I love the new font! It is whimsical but easy to read. What a bountiful harvest this week. Have a great week camping.

  6. Whew, you had to work hard before vacation. Hope you have a great time and that the garden does ok in your absence.

  7. Nice varied harvest as usual, that's a lot of work before vacation, hope you reserve some energy to play. Have a good time and enjoy!

  8. Nice harvest and a lot of work to get ready. Hope you enjoy the trip and have great weather.