Monday, August 6, 2012

Harvest Monday 8/6

I am going camping this week along Lake Michigan. I am posting this Harvest Monday entry as we travel. 
The beans, Chocolate cherry tomatoes and corn are coming in regularly. I get a couple of peppers every couple of days. And raspberries are slowly getting going again, though they are not as big and healthy as the earlier ones. I think the bugs are taking their toll, especially the Japanese Beetle.
The cucumbers are not doing well. The vines are full and there are a lot, but their are few cucumbers and they are disfigured and do not taste good. Wonder if it is caused by a bug or disease or both. The beans are picking up though and looking better.

Picked a few carrots, they are looking better, hope they taste better too! Finding a bit of insect damage and rot in a few though.

Taking all this stuff on our camping trip. Picked a bunch of corn from my first planting, after waiting a bit it is getting much darker red. When I get back the later planting should be getting close. It looks much fuller and healthier, maybe because of the amount of sun they get. Might have to consider moving the garden a bit next year to get the most sun. I picked any tomato that showed the slightest pink to take along and hope nothing gets over ripe while I am gone.
and one more early morning pick before hitting the road!

I have about 100 brassica starts! Cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower.  I think I am going to be giving some away.  They were old seeds and I did not expect them all to germinate. I spent a long time yesterday separating them and putting them in their own cell packs.
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  1. Are you having very dry and hot conditions? If yes, that could be the problem with your cucumbers.

  2. The garden is really producing well for you. That red corn is so interesting looking. Enjoy your camping trip!

  3. That's a nice haul to take camping. Hope you have a great time camping on the lake. Just need some walleye pike to go with the veggies.

  4. Yum! Walleye and corn! Great harvest this week.

  5. How fun to be going camping and taking some of your harvest with you to enjoy! I hope you have great weather!!! Nancy