Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A little cayenne pepper for the squirrels

This is more of an August tour, but the first thing I noticed this morning was another shredded piece of corn and a mess on the ground.
Last night I put cayenne pepper on all the corn silks after seeing one piece or shredded corn to try to deter the squirrels or whatever is eating my corn. But I could not reach this one. Stinky squirrels.

I am not sure which tomato plants made it in this bed, but I am thinking this is going to be pink brandywine, it is pretty large.

The sweet potatoes are taking over the bed. I only planted 2 in here and I can hardly keep the vines in the 4X8 bed.

There are several more sweet potato plants in this smaller bed and they are taking over too. The corn behind are getting close to being ready.

This is the Early Girl on the right and the Chocolate Cherry on the left with beans around the bottom, and 2 more sweet potato plants. I planted them anywhere I could find room.

The bean bed. They have been giving me beans pretty good the past couple of weeks but the plants are looking quite rough so they may be ending soon. The peppers behind are doing quite well. The plants are full and large and have been giving me a few peppers here and there but there are a lot of green ones and a lot of blossoms. The kids prefer them to have color other than green.

Sugar snap peas are climbing the vines, though they have not enjoyed the heat lately. They all are surviving being transplanted in newspaper pots. I have tried to keep them shaded as much as possible.
There are a few small watermelons out their. I don't know if they will have time to make it but we will see. There are lots of vines, but I think something was eating the babies as soon as they got about golf ball size.
The August garden seems to be doing well even though some things have been started late. I am sure my harvests will grow larger in the weeks and months ahead before frost in October. And I plan to try to extend some things with my pop up green house and maybe some covers.
Happy August Gardening!


  1. I am sorry th squirrels are giving you a hard time with the corn. Otherwise it looks like your garden is doing great! That tomato which might be a brandywine is big! Hope it matures safely and you get to eat it! Nancy

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