Friday, January 21, 2011

Seed Starting January 21, 2011

Today the kids and I started seeds. Alaskan, Lincoln, and Super Sugar Snap peas. Thyme, Rosemary, Cabernet Onions and bunching onions, and spinach.

 The basil is still going as well, though not too strong. I did however get a HO light that is in there but still needs a bulb, which I plan to do in the next couple of days. I hope this will help us get through the next few seed starting months. Please, please, please! I hope it works out! I don't want all my seedlings to die out this year like they did last year!
Although I do have so much planned I hope I am going to have enough room. I am thinking about taking the cooler weather stuff out to the garage with the 4ft shop light to make more room.
Here are some of the new comers I can't wait to get started!
-Goldie Husk Cherry
-Matt’s Wild Cherry Tomato
-Sugar Buns Corn
-Robust Popcorn (popcorn)
-Red Russian Kale
-Cabernet Red onion
-Javelin Parsnips
-Lipstick Pepper
-Da Cheong Chae Pak  Choi
-Summer Ball Pumpkin
-Black Cherry Tomato (thanks EG)
-Brandywine Tomato (thanks EG)
I still plan to get blueberry, cranberry and raspberry bushes.

I was very blessed this Christmas with some great gardening gifts, including seeds, garden shoes, a digital scale, plant label markers and more! They will get lots of use this season!


  1. Once your cool weather seedlings are established, they should do fine in the garage.

    What happened to your seedlings last year?

  2. Shoot, I grow all of mine in the unheated shed - meaning that even the tomato seedlings are exposed to some really cold temps at times. You're welcome on the seeds. :-) varification word is "lying" - I hope that doesn't get me..ha

  3. Robin, I had them in the laundry room with no windows and they did not get enough light, real or artificial, got too spindly and died all at once! I was able to save only a few.

    EG that is funny! It is a bit colder up here though! But I will try the cooler stuff in there!

  4. Oh, how I want to go home and join in the seed starting fun! And don't listen to EG, he really is "lying", LOL!

  5. Oh exciting! We're planning on starting our seeds this week also. Doesn't sugar buns sound good? Heehee... It's on my "new to me" list too. ^^

    Hum... I start ours in the basement every year and they only have artificial light. Maybe make sure you have your shop lights all butted up next to one another. I use three shop lights for each shelf, two bulbs each, one warm light and one cool.