Thursday, January 20, 2011

DDC Wk 6

DH made week 6's challenge. He made it  before we had to leave on a last minute trip to Colorado. So, I am getting it up kind of late!
This was roasted potatoes, eggs with goat cheese, spinach, and dried tomatoes. And he tried to make sweet potato hash browns but they turned out like mashed sweet potatoes. They were still good. Maybe there is a trick to it! It was all very yummy! We are very happy that the farmers market and the farm are open again!
And, over the Christmas break, Foxhollow Farm gutted their store and remodeled the inside and it is so nice! Very cozy. A nice place for sitting. A counter top where they cook up a few samplings, a place to socialize and have coffee, all while picking up your local foods! It really is beautiful and maybe I'll get a picture for next time!

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