Monday, January 24, 2011

DDC Wk 7

Ky Bison "Ugly" Sirloin, Butternut squash, and roasted potatoes.
We now know why they are called "ugly" and cheap. They had a lot of grizzle. Not just fatty, but grizzly. While the Ky Bison is very good, we won't buy the "ugly" again. That is what we get for trying to be cheap! Ha! The squash was super yummy. I again drizzled it with KY Sorghum, and also some local honey, salt, pepper and some red pepper flaks. Could have used more pepper flakes, didn't really taste 'em. I topped the steak again with my Capriole Goat Cheese/butter/garlic/dried tomatoes mixture and it was, again, good! It is pretty snowy here for KY so they aren't getting too many vegetables out at the farm. Potatoes and squash were my only choices. I was kind of hoping for some parsnips. Maybe next week.

Seeds have been started and we are hoping to get more growing soon to add some variety to our local winter meals.  Around here we should definitely be getting something growing before the end of our challenge in April! I guess it all depends on how long winter wants to hang on, and it isn't looking too good the way this winter has been going! Maybe since it started so early it will leave early! I can hope...

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