Saturday, July 10, 2010

What am I doing with some of that produce?

After struggling to puree some green beans the other night with my husband’s mini blender for the baby’s dinner, he  surprised me with a new gadget for my kitchen counter! A Magic Bullet. My mom has one and after using it, I knew I just had to have one for making baby food. It purees so smooth and creamy! Takes a bit of getting use to though, because you can easily over blend stuff, like I did with Guacamole the other night! It was still good, but very creamy!

I love it. Green beans from garden to steamer to Bullet!

 IMG_1965 IMG_1966

I also pureed up a pluot with some zucchini from the garden and coconut yogurt. He loves it, as he loves most stuff I make for him.


As for the tomatoes I am getting, this is the Pink Girl. Ribbit wanted to see it cut up. So here it is! It was tasty on a big BLT!


This is my first German Johnson Tomato. It went into some Bruschetta.


Along with all the Juliet grape tomatoes and cherry tomatoes.

Diced tomatoes, garlic, basil, salt and pepper on a slice of toasted Italian Bread lightly brushed with olive oil! MMMMMM Good! This is my favorite summer snack!


Now, my husbands favorite snack is the Fresh Garden Salsa

He could finish off one big bowl in maybe one or two days! But we haven’t gotten enough slicer sized tomatoes or fully ripened peppers yet. Though, we will be having a LOT of Habanero peppers any day! As soon as they turn orange!

As for the zucchini, it is still coming along. The plants are showing signs of stress from the SVB’s and the squash bugs, but they are still giving me plenty of zucchini. I sent a basket to work with my husband, which disappeared quickly. I have also made more bread and more zucchini coins, which my husband really likes as well. And after that monster zucchini, my children wanted to grow another monster! So, we are letting one go to see how big we can get it! I think we may pick it in a day or two! It’s already about the size of the other one! And I do believe it is time for another batch of chocolate zucchini cupcakes! Wow, that is a lot of zucchini!


  1. Just reading about your food preparations makes my water! That diced tomato mix on toasted Italian bread really looks like the perfect summer snack food!

  2. *Gasp* *Cough* *Choking on drink* I've been drooling over the magic bullet for a loong time. That's so cool that your DH surprise you with one.
    The tomatoes look wonderful...

  3. She's beautiful and so perfect inside! Ah, the simple beauty of a tomato.

  4. That puree'd green stuff reminds me of when my dad put fried taters, pinto beans, turnip greens, and cornbread in the blender, so he could eat it. It looked like green paint. Blech!

  5. thyme2garden it is a really good treat! You will have to try some sometime!
    Momma_s I really like it, and they really aren't too badly priced at all. He paid more for my food processor!
    Ribbit, I did like the looks of the Pink Girl better than the looks of the German Johnson. But I will have to get more of them and taste them to see which is really better! But she is pretty!
    EG-Ha Ha Ha Ha! That does sound pretty nasty! But then again, most of the mixtures I make for baby aren't all that interesting sounding either. But I think Green beans, yogurt and fruit sure sound better than your dad's mixture! Eww! that does sound like baby food though!