Saturday, July 3, 2010

I’m Seeing Red!

I got my first tomatoes today! There really isn’t any sign of any other ones turning red yet, but I am sure it won’t be long! There are tons of cherry and grape tomatoes. Not quite so much for the others.
This is a Pink Girl and 3 Red Cherry Tomatoes (Sesame street pack!).
This is my first Pink Girl so we will see how she tastes.
These are the Red Cherry tomatoes.
And this little bugger I need to look up. I don’t think it is a Lady Bug. It looks a little different and bigger. Some kind of Bean Beetle maybe? He was dead when I found him today anyway. He has been hanging around the cucumber and squash plants though.
(ETA: after doing some reading, I believe this is a Squash Lady Beetle...kind of like a mexican bean beetle. Not good for the squash! COME ON! Anyways, found my info here)
I also need to get out to the pumpkin plants again! I am seeing FRASS!!! Stupid SVB’s!! I have caught them mating on my plants, I swatted them so hard and fast with my flip flop I am sure I splatted at least one of them…there was some body’s guts on the shoe! It has been a disappointing week for my pumpkins. First, my first pumpkin turned to mush for some reason. Don’t know why. Then, the neighbor dog thought my other one was a ball hanging on the fence and he destroyed it! And it was the only Atlantic Giant I had!!!!  Once again, pumpkins are not doing so well in our yard! This is very discouraging!
But, I am still HAPPY to be seeing RED!


  1. Stupid, Stupid, STupid SVBs. I hate them, too. When you cut the pink girl, take a picture! I'd love to see the inside.

  2. Oh, the Squash Lady Beetle is so cute. Shame he/she is "the bad guy".

  3. I know! I almost thought it was a regular lady bug too! Glad I looked it up!