Monday, July 5, 2010

Harvest Monday! July 5, 2010

It’s Harvest Monday at Daphne’s Dandelions.
Thanks Granny for telling me how to do a little photo collage! I love my IrfanView! Here is a view of this weeks harvests!
This basket here is todays! I had a good day. 2 Black Beauty Zucchini, 1 8 Ball Zucchini, 1 Sebring Zucchini, 2 American Genuine Slicing Cucumbers, about a pint of bush beans and I decided to pick my purple beauty bell since it appeared to be turning green! And I thought my kiddos would enjoy it more PURPLE!
So far today, my daughter has enjoyed the funky shaped cucumber, some pepper, and I made up some coleslaw from some cabbages I still had in the fridge! I even added a one an only cosmic purple carrot that I had in there!
IMG_1925_1 IMG_1930
And I am very happy to be putting my foodsaver to some use by freezing up a bunch of my green beans! I have about 5 bags in the freezer this size. Hopefully just enough for the 4 of us to enjoy for a few dinners!
So far I have had 1 slicing size tomato and  4 cherry tomatoes. My daughter ate the cherry ones, but I have not sliced up the Pink Girl yet. But there are signs of more red out there in the tomato bed. Looks like will will have some ginormous Juliet grape tomatoes soon! Looking back, I got my first slicing tomato in August, so I am happy to have had my first one earlier this year. Looking for more though! And I cannot wait for some Bruschetta! My favorite summer snack!
My total harvest so far this year:

Bush Beans: 10 quarts
Lettuce: 16 heads about 2- 4lbs?
8 Ball Zucchini: 8
Black Beauty Zucchini: 10
Alaskan and Lincoln Peas: 2 1/4 cups
Oregano: 1 baggie dried
Basil: 4 baggies dried
Bright Lights Chard: 8 bunches
Broccoli: 4 heads
Cosmic purple carrot: 3
cabbage: 3 head
American Genuine Slicing Cucumber: 2
Purple Beauty Bell: 1
Sebring Zucchini: 2
Pink Girl Tomato: 1
Red Cherry Tomatoes: 4


  1. Your garden is really producing well! It's just wonderful to go out to the garden and bring back a basket full of goodies.

    We have been looking to purchase a foodsaver. What model do you have?

  2. I bought this one several years ago at it's probably a pretty cheap one. But the model number on it says v365. My mom has an even better model that she loves and uses a lot! It can be very useful at times.

  3. Your harvest looks great....and I had the same question as Robin! LOL

  4. Allison, I am not sure why your post isn't showing up, but thanks!

  5. It looks like your garden is in full summer production now. I'm almost there. I haven't gotten any tomatoes yet, but did pick my first zucchini today.

  6. oh, I need a vacuum sealer. I'm so glad to know that you like yours.

  7. Your harvest collage looks beautiful, but only because you have a great harvest! Your kiddos are pretty cute, too. :) Glad I found your blog through Daphne's Harvest Monday.