Thursday, December 3, 2009

Zone Defense

Just a picture of my little "green" baby! Well, he is growing. Up to 10 lb 12 oz now. Can't wait for him to sleep through the night! Hopefully soon. All the company/helpers are now gone and we are left to what the kid's soccer coach calls zone defense! (Instead of man to man defense!) LOL, yep, we are out numbered and we can feel it!

Absolutely nothing going on in the garden. Dh has done a little clean up here and there. But the christmas lights are up and they look very nice. Maybe if we get a new camera I will be able to get a picture of them. Yep, the current camera has pretty much won't read a memory card. It has about 14 pictures worth of space on the camera itself, but that certainly does not get you far! Looking into either a canon Powershot SD780 IS or a Nikon compact S630. Anyone have any opinions? I did want to get something a little bigger and better, but I figured that wouldn't be practical when taking it places and having to carry it around.


  1. Oh yeah, that's the way it goes. For the first week or two, everyone wants to tend to the baby - but then they run for their lives. Been there, done that - twice. He is a cute little stinker!

  2. He's sooo cute! I miss my guys being that little... Regarding your camera, DH was going to buy me a Canon Powershot SX200 IS ( ), but my parents sent me the Canon Powershot SD780 IS early... I've had 2 other Canon Powershots, and the SD780 naturally takes better pics, but I don't like how smooth it is. The buttons are very flat, and although it's great for slipping in my back pocket, I have to keep looking at where the buttons are, and am afraid the camera is going to slip out of my hands. Also, there are less flash options. It's either auto or off. Maybe it's because of better technology so it doesn't need as many options. I haven't tinkered enough w/it yet to know... The pause after taking a pic is a little annoying too--especially when trying to take multiple pics to catch moving children. These are things I've noticed in the week I've used it. Lastly, be sure you get a BIG SD card! HTH ;-)