Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Diaper Sewing Ministry

This post isn't about gardening, but hey, its winter, and I have other "green" things on my mind!
Earlier I posted a link on my FB and on my blogs to highlight an organization that I think could use some attention. Miracle Diapers is an organization that helps new moms in need with cloth diapers...Not the rubber pants and cheap prefolds most people think of when they hear about cloth diapers! Those are the diapers of our mothers day!
For example...
These are some Pocket diapers I made for my children. They have velcro closures and go on just like a disposable!

These are called wool longies. The are diaper covers for quality prefolds and fitted diapers. Cute fluffy butts huh?

This is a snapping cover.

There are other even easier varieties as well. Some fluffy, some trimmer!

Someday soon, I would like to start a ministry that helps organizations like these, including local pregnancy centers by providing diapers that we have sewn. It is my hope to find others in my area or in my church that like to sew and get together on a regular basis to teach and learn to make diapers to be donated to these groups for mothers in need and interested in using cloth. And there are more than we realize that would be interested! I've thought about this for a while, all I need to do now is have the time and motivation to actually get it started! With the whole country trying to find more ways to be green this is the perfect time to do something like this.
I really hope you read this far and hope you have the opportunity to spread the word about organizations like Miracle Diapers! And my intention for highlighting this organization is not only for new moms to find help, but for others to find it in their hearts to donate in some way, whether it is diapers and accessories you no longer need or money.

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