Thursday, December 31, 2009

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Nothing like enjoying the produce from your garden in the middle of winter. This is one of my favorite soup recipes. Chicken Tortilla Soup. I can't remember where the recipe came from, but I'll leave the recipe below for anyone that wants to try this delicious soup! I probably altered it anyway! I used the tomato sauce that I canned this summer for the very first time!

Chicken Tortilla Soup
1 large onion
3 or more cloves of garlic
tbs olive oil
1/2 tsp oregano (I used some from the garden)
1/2 tsp cayenne
1/2 tsp red pepper flakes
1/2 tsp chili powder
I am not very exact with these, I like it a bit spicy...
saute till soft
add 3 cups water
3 tbs lime juice
1/2 tsp salt
add 1 lb chicken cook till pulls apart about 15 minutes
pull out chicken, pull apart
separate the liquid from the solids and puree the solids return all to pan, chicken, puree and liquid and add tomato sauce 1 can or 1 jar
cook 5 more minutes and add tortilla strips ( I fried them and added some spicy seasonings), cheese and avocado. (my pic is cheeseless, Dairy free for Eli! Uhg! Miss my cheese!)

I hope you try it, it sure is good!


  1. I don't know if you'll see this soon, but I'm just checking up to make sure things are good with you. I miss you! I hope the fam is happy and healty.

  2. Things are good here...Just a little chaotic with the new one and the twins going through 3 together! They are in a make me want to pull all my hair out stage times 2! I'll be getting to some planting soon though.