Thursday, September 10, 2009

Seriously need to read the height's on my plant seeds!

Thanks to those of you who posted encouraging comments, here and on your own sites! I really appreciate your thoughtfullness! I do enjoy reading about all your gardens and getting GREAT ideas!
I wouldn't normally post a pic of myself here, but, this warranted it! I needed something to compare to this cosmo! Yes, it is not a tree, it is a Bright Lights Mix Cosmo! It is more than 6 feet tall! The package said 4 ft...don't know what I did to get 6! They were randomly sent in the mail to me by some company wanting my membership, they were year old seeds and I planted them late! How did they get SO BIG!? You can't see many flowers on them now, but when they were about half the size or more they did have plenty of flowers on them. Their "trunks" are like an inch or more in diameter!  This is the first time I have ever planted these so I did not know what to expect anyways, but this was way beyond my expectations. I am glad I put it in a spot where it did not crowd out any other plants...though the Achillea below it might beg to differ!
Right around the corner from the Cosmo, is my  ' Bonfire Salvia'. This plant was suppose to be 2 ft is more like 3-4 ft tall. I totally didn't read the package on this one either. I assumed it would be about the size of most other red salvia's I have seen, about a foot or less. Good thing most of the flowers in this corner area were all tall plants such as cosmos, salvias, Achillea. So they are all doing well together...though when neglected, it can tend to look quite unruly in this garden. I really tend to like a neat looking garden...not weedy looking or unruly.
This is after I did a lot of hacking in this bed. Still doesn't look as nice as I would like it to, but there is only so much energy a pg girl can put into a garden! I did trim the other cosmo plants way back, they were about 4 feet, but they were falling over from all the hard rain and just needed a good trim. Hopefully they will rebound for what is left of summer weather.
These were all new plants to me and new seeds, so it was definitely a learning experience. But overall this bed still looks way nicer than it did last year! I am happy with the progress, and I am figuring out what will stay or return and what will not!


  1. Wait a second. You're due when? Not fair. Totally not fair. You're beautiful!

  2. Yes you are beautiful! And so are those salvia (I think there is a dwarf variety that is much shorter). I had the same problem with my should-have-been-2' marigolds that were 4-5 feet high and overtook my determinate tomato bed and the paths. I guess we're just good ;-)

  3. Thank you ladies! I appreciate your compliments...feels good when your pg!
    I know, I know, I am not very big...never was with the twins either, but he still squishes everything in there making it super uncomfortable! Twins did too, but this one has the space all to himself and he makes lots of use of it! I don't think the twins ever had enough room together to move around this much!I definitely feel more pg than I! Please don't hate me!

  4. ::Boggles:: That's a Cosmo? Wow!
    BTW you're a cutie!!

  5. I got those same Cosmos from probably the same company and mine are giant too, maybe not 6 feet but close.