Saturday, September 19, 2009

One Fat Eater!

My first (and very late) signs of something big eating in my garden.
Here is the culprit!
And he is FAT! Pics just don't do it justice...
A lovely little is only about an inch and a half or two wide. This is my first Cauli ever...and it only took it since April to show itself!!!!!
Again, pictures do not do this tomato aren't gonna find this bad boy at your local grocer! I would have to say this is probably the biggest tomato I have ever grown, so I am proud of it! It is a Pruden's Purple.
It is 5 inches wide and 3 inches tall.
Todays harvest...Tomatoes, spicy basil, Serano Peppers, Royal Burgandy Bush beans.


  1. Oh yeah...when hornworms grow pretty big, they have big appetites. Seriously, though.....had to use a glove? Gloves are for girls! Ha! Oh are a girl. Sorry. That's a really nice tomato, no big ones for me right now....

  2. Holy cow!!!!! He is hugely disgusting! Should I *ask* how you got rid of him? Please don't tell me you used a gloved EG method of squishing between your fingers?!?!?! blegh!

  3. Of course she had to use gloves! I don't think gloves would do it for me though, I think I would need a big stick....or maybe a shovel.

    Nice tomato!!

  4. I haven't seen a hornworm around my tomatoes in years (thank goodness!), but I've had them as big as 5" long. I would always go out with a bucket of hot, soapy water and a pair of scissors, and snip off the branch so the creature would fall into the bucket. Yes, I'm cruel that way. Eat my tomatoes and suffer, I say!!

  5. Shawn Ann, you don't listen to that EG. I swear, gloves are the only way to go for those suckers. Have you seen the teeth? The big, nasty, razor blade sharp teeth???? What? It has no teeth? It oozes poison, I tell you. Acid. Yup, that's what it does. Those eyes are death rays, you know, EG.

    Shawn Ann, I'd wear two sets of gloves.
    And carry a blow torch.

  6. ShawnAnn - don't let ribbit scare ya, those hornworms can't bite you. However, they do ooze green stuff from their mouths. (contrary to ribbit's thoughts, it's just gross, not toxic).Just let one crawl up your arm sometime, you'll see.

    ribbit...ha! wait til you see my next post....hehe.

  7. Oh man, EG, that's disgusting. I was just kidding about the toxic ooze. Now I'm convinced those things can kill you.
    Three sets of gloves, Shawn Ann. Three sets with a carbon fiber set beneath.

  8. You all are cracking me up!
    EG- Are you calling my husband a girl!!!??? I think he can take!
    He said he didn't want to mess up his!

    If I would have done it, I would have taken the tomato stem off, put it on the drive and dropped a big ole brick on it!
    My dad use to burn them up with a lighter...guess a torch would work better!
    This is only the second one I have found in 3 seasons here. One the first, none last year. Although I don't know how I could see anything in my jungle of tomato plants!
    My mom said if you listen really close you can find them by hearing them munch, munch, munch!
    oh you all are just killin me! LOL!

  9. So....that's your hubby with the girly gloves on? Ha! My nails are always dirty - it goes with the occupation. Oh, I've got a good post about bugs coming up (with no gloves on,of course)
    Maybe I need to put on a "garden bugs are harmless" class sometime, and you and ribbit can attend. I'll just stick a big picture of a frisbee on hubby's back, and Jude will chase him all over the place. Ha!

  10. Whoa! It's a good thing my dh is a nice guy with a sense of!