Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bats belong in the Garden NOT the house!

I have no pictures for this post...the moment was just too quick. But I could not help but share the story!
We had a visitor last night. Or maybe for the past couple of weeks and didn't  know it!
I kept finding lint debris that kept falling from the ceiling fan/vent in the bathroom so I asked dh to take it down and help me vacuum it out. He gladly helped, yet the debris kept coming. So I asked him to take it down again a couple of days later. As he had his hand up in their the bat began to squeel and hiss and showed me his lovely teeth! I yelled "BAT!" and we ran out of the bathroom and closed the door...with vent cover! Dh asked if I was sure it was a bat, and after seeing those teeth from something hanging upside down, I had no doubt! It is a bat! After several minutes Dh went back in with the cover and put it back on quickly as the bat was still up in the vent, thank God.
Needless to say, we had no idea how to get rid of a bat. They bite, and can have rabies! So dh called someone to come get it out this morning. I totally expected a fully protective suit, etc. Nope, shorts, t shirt, gloves and a PRINGLES CAN to catch it! Are you kidding me, we paid good money for this!!!? Yep, and I am still glad cause it is gone! The thought of this thing in the house with me pregnant and two little ones was just scary! Needless to say I did not get a good night of sleep knowing that thing was in the house!

Now, I would not have been so upset had this bat been in my GARDEN! Eating all those squash bugs and whatever else he can get rid of! But, no, he decided to try to get in my house! Uhg!
Well, hopefully we can all get a better night sleep tonight!


  1. LOL A pringles can, sheesh. Now your DH knows what to do if you see another one HA! I've had that happen with a bird before (came flying out the chimney when we opened the flue), but never a bat! Be sure you find out how the lil guy got in & plug the hole, or else you may have more, or other critters in there next...

  2. Although bats don't scare me, they terrify my wife. I hope we never have to deal with a situation like that.

  3. Way too funny!!! As a kid I had squirrels in the attic right over my room that I swore had a pogo stick they'd enjoy every night.

  4. LOL, Ya, animals are funny sometimes aren't they! We went to my moms one weekend and when dh went to go to bed he found a pile of accorns under his pillow...we took them to my mom and asked her if this was some kind of joke! LOL. No, something had been getting in their house and they were finding little piles of accorns stashed here and there after that. Needless to say,I had to wash the bedding right away!

  5. Oh my goodness.... isn't life a blast!!! But the Pringles can... that's so funny!