Monday, July 20, 2009

Squash vine borers got us!

I forgot to take the camera out for this one, but it was pretty nasty. I cut all three of the giant pumpkin plants open and sure enough, there was MORE than one! I pulled two of the plants, and I left one in hopes of saving it! Though I hear there isn't much hope. UHGGG!

My kids lost all of there pumpkins, they already look dead. I left one (out of 6 that were planted), and we'll see what happens. Poor things, this is their first year planting seeds too! Ds kept saying, "the plants are down, the bugs killed them!" Kinda cute while still disappointing!

I sure hope they don't make their way to any of our other squash plants. So far all they seem to have hit is the pumpkins...must be their favorites.

Btw, we did plant more pumpkin seeds, maybe it is too late but it is worth a try! I want my kids to have their OWN pumpkins!
Just had to add, that after one whole month these are the first and only hosta seeds to make an appearance! And I planted A LOT!


  1. Oh no!!! Sorry about your pumpkin plants...

  2. Oh grrr! Those little buggers!

    I'm crossing my fingers for the new pumpkin seeds! Hope they grow in time!

  3. So sorry you lost your pumpkins. We'll all be crossing our fingers for the new ones!

  4. Thanks fellow gardeners! We also went to Lowe's and got a new pumpkin plant to try to add to our chances, even though being some of the last ones left they aren't the greatest looking but maybe they will work! I'll keep ya posted!