Monday, July 27, 2009

Pregnancy and gardening!

Short one again today.
I figured this would happen starting out my garden this year, but gardening while pregnant is getting tougher and tougher, especially while chasing after two 3 year olds! And it stinks that it is right when the squash bugs, striped cucumber beetles and SVB's are in full force...I just don't have the energy to go out there twice a day or even sometimes once a day to do battle! But I am happy to be getting a small return so far! These are probably the last 3 zucchini from my svb damaged plants. I think I am going to pull them when I get around to getting out there to do it! I have some succession ones growing so I hope they will be OK and get some fruits!
I probably got about 10 zucchini from 3 plants before they were destroyed!
The tomatoes were devoured right away by both twins. I really love having them watch me get things from the garden or help because they seem to want to eat them more! It is very satisfying. Especially since I have been trying since they began to eat to give them a healthy diet and learn to like veggies. And dd likes a lot of veggies! She'll try almost anything. Ds on the other hand is a little trickier. Tonight I told him his sweet potato was "sweet potato pudding"! He ate two servings! Too bad it wasn't home grown...I haven't ventured that far yet!
So, when I start my garden in the late winter early spring, I will by then have a 4 mo old. I wonder how well I will keep up with the garden then...hopefully he is sleeping through the night by then! Here's hoping!
Happy Gardening!


  1. Shawn Ann, I do not envy you. I was sick as a dog through both my pregnancies to the point where the boy *2 yrs at the time* would sit by my side, put his blankie on my back and rub my back while I "coughed in the potty" over and over again. Gardening would have been the LAST thing on my mind.

    However, gardening with a newborn can be great. Put him in the carriage facing the sun. He HAS to close his eyes and in a few short minutes will fall asleep. You can then move him to shade. :)

    It's not cruel, it's practical. :) That, and when this one decides to start walking, push him down. You don't need three running in different directions at the same time. :)

  2. Ribbit- LOL you almost made a pg girl fall off her seat laughing! You crack me up! I spent a lot of time with the twins out in the yard before they could walk. They liked playing in the pack n plays outside!



  4. Greetings from northern Wyoming!

    Wow.. just do what you can... and enjoy it... all of it!!!

    How wonderful that the twins are enjoying the fruits of your garden! They'll be a big help next year!

    I wore my little ones in a sling. Made it so much easier to get things done!

    Look at those beautiful red tomatoes!!! I'm so envious... will be many more weeks before my romas turn red!

    Have a great day Lynn!

  5. hang in there...your little one will be here soon. I had mine 7/7 and it was getting sooo hard to inspect my garden for pests, etc. now i wear my little one in a sling and luckily my husband watches my 23 month old while he is near the garden because he thinks my melons and tomatoes are balls and wants to pick them.