Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lily blooms and Hosta's

Last year, my lilies bloomed once in the spring and once in late summer. This totally contradicts what I have read and been told. This year, all the petals have fallen off the blooms and I have this:
This is where the buds started to swell last year for a second set of blooms later in the summer or early fall, can't remember when. So I assume that this will happen again. Now I am confused. Maybe they are some kind of hybrid, but I am gonna have to keep researching and see what I find. And watch the lilies to see if they swell and bloom again this year. They are all the same, they all came from the same bulbs, I separated them myself after finding them hiding in the yard behind a bunch of grape vines and blackberry vines (which we gave away.)
I also decided to do an experiment for myself. I found these on the hosta's last year and thought they looked like seeds. I wasn't sure since most hostas are not sold by seed, but plants and crowns. So I researched a little and learned these are in fact hosta seeds and I let them go to just the right point. Now I hope that I have not waited to long to try to get them to grow. I put some in some sterile potting soil and have them under the grow lights and I will see what happens. It will be nice if I get some, I have tons of seeds. I bet my mom would like a few!
I will have an update on the hostas as soon as I can.


  1. Very cool!! I don't believe I've ever seen a hosta seed.