Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Some Veggie Closeups

I will be away from my garden for several days! I hope it does ok having someone else take care of it!
I found a few aphids and squished em, hope they don't multiply while I am away.
Happy Gardening!
Juliet "Grape" Tomato in hanging pots. There are 4 of them, these are the biggest ones, but they are all blooming and producing.

American Genuine Cucumber

Watermelons and Cucumbers on the trellis


Spicy Basil...needs to be trimmed up!

Lettuce, amazingly still here.

8 Ball Zucchini, there are a few, but the first ones I had didn't have enough room between the stems and went bad.

Sebring Zucchini

My monster tomato plant. I just now got a cage around it! I know, it should have been done weeks ago. But this thing is so monstrous it is just squished in there. I need to try to keep trimming it up a bit I guess.

Dills Atlantic giants. I wish these things would take off already! They got big blooms, but they sure aren't vining out very quickly!

Something is wrong with my first Prudens Purple. It isn't looking good!

Royal Burgundy Beans, not producing like the providers at all! I have had very few out of this big pile of plants.

Can't believe I still have a strawberry. Haven't got many of these either. Maybe the second year will be better.


  1. Thanks for sharing your pics! I hope you don't mind a few Q's. How will you be trellising your melons & squash? Is "Prudens Purple" suposed to be a 'mater? teehee, poor thing... What will you use your spicey basil in? Wish my basil survived the heat to look like that...

  2. Momma_S - Thanks, and absolutely not! I haven't really figured it out yet how to keep the melons on the trellis, I was thinking pantyhose...I've read that works.
    Pruden's Purple is a tomato.
    I use my spicy basil in anything you use basil in. Mostly I love Bruschetta! It really isn't "spicy" per se. But I don't really like the sweeter herbs, so it tastes better to me than regular basil. I have 4 of them, that one is the biggest one. YUM!

  3. My Royal Burgundy beans are also under-performers, compared to Contender and Burpee's Stringless Green Pod, but all who have tasted them like them the best. I'll probably plant them next year, but plan on putting in twice as many. They also come in a pole variety, which may be an option for me.

  4. Ah! I realize now why your vegetable garden looks so organized. I ran across info on square foot gardening and it reminded me of the pics I saw on your blog.

    Sounds like something I might want to try. So here are some questions for you.

    How do you like it compared to the garden bed you had last year?

    Was the tenting to allow you to start seeds outside earlier or did you start from plants?

    Is that just 1/2" PVC pipe? Is it one piece bent from corner to corner or is there a fitting in the middle?

    Did you read the book?

    I saw you found a mix of grass seeds. Hope it works out. The lawn blog I mentioned in the forum just had a post about overseeding that might be helpful.

  5. OganicNoob-thanks. Yes I read the book, we did almost everything as the book instructed. It is going much better than what we had last year and in a much smaller space which is nice. We used the insect net to keep the bugs and critters out. It is on top of 2 1/2" pvc pipes tucked from corner to corner and tied in the middle. I started all my seeds indoors and put them out when it was time. But the ones that had tents on them from the start looked much better than the ones that didn't.

    We took our lawn samples to the coop and we are waiting for the results in the mail to see what is wrong with it.

  6. Looks great! Everything is growing so well. I didn't get one cuke this year LOL, maybe next time!

  7. Wow! Your garden looks great! Hi it's Toni in northern Wyoming. We are zone 4 and at least several weeks behind you.

    My strawberry patch is about 4 years old... and this has been a banner year! I've picked approximately 8 quarts so far with more coming on. I had hoped that I'd get to make jam, but as soon as I get them picked... they disappear!

  8. Thanks Toni! I understand, my dd eats the strawberries like there is no tomorrow!