Friday, July 31, 2009

Washed out and neglected...and survivors!

Overall, Louisville has had about 5 inches of rain in the past few days, but our specific area has had more than 8 inches in very heavy spurts...and sadly it has washed away some of our hard work in the garden! What a mess! But it is fixable, at least maybe by next season.
We really should have gotten some good edging in before a big rain like this...but time was lacking! We had some 4x4's around to try to keep it all in but it just didn't work! Live and learn! We'll do better next time! That's what we get planting the garden right where the water runs from the front yard to the back, but it is the sunniest location! We just need to get it all ironed out! And who knew we would have such a cool rainy season!

This is a pile of tomatoes, serrano peppers and marigolds practically all smashed to the ground together!

The smallest and an unlikely survivor out of the tomatoes practically flattened.

The bugs are taking their toll on the cucumbers.

Catface is still hanging on, getting huge and not a hint of red yet!

I am looking forward to all these tomatoes turning red...but they sure are taking their sweet time!

Babies! The new pumpkins the kids planted. I guess the rain was good for them!

Even though the bottom of the cucumber plants look a little rough, overall, the whole cucumber and watermelon trellis is looking pretty full!

Sugar pumpkin still hanging on, need to shoot it up with some BT again cause it looks like more SVB frass is coming out of it. But it is looking much longer after the rain and growing like crazy...just needs some pumpkins on it!!!!

These two tomato cages are about to fall over they are so heavy and rain drenched.
We have a lot of clean up to do if it gets dry enough this weekend to work out there. Right now it is SO water logged!
Pg anemia has hit and I am glad to know, so maybe after some iron I will have some energy to get out in the garden again...assuming we don't keep getting rained out! How nice it will be to give my garden the attention it needs!


  1. Ack! Despite the rain and bug damage, it looks like everything is growing well. Looking at other people's gardens, the plants should rebound once they're staked...

  2. ya, alot of the plants are in really good shape considering, but I do really need to get them maters tied up! The maters are pretty nice looking except that they are dragging on the ground...

  3. Our cucumbers look a little more advanced in their decline than yours do. Verticulum wilt brought by the cucumber beetles did them in. All this rain has been wreaking havoc on the tomatoes too. I hope we get several days without rain this week.