Monday, July 13, 2009

Magic Beans And things I have learned...

It is wonderful when you find creative ways to get your children to eat their veggies! I let my 3yo twins watch/help cook the Royal Burgundy Beans so they could see them change from purple to green and told them it was magic! They got so excited they ate them right up...though I would have to say that dd appears to like them more raw than cooked! That is her hand sneaking into the picture, she likes to eat them as soon as I wash them!

So far this year I have learned a few more new things (this is only my second year with a garden).
1. Plant more beans!!! I just have not had enough for all 4 of us to eat at one meal! Let alone any to freeze!
2. Your little squash will rot if they are not pollinated (or pollinated enough!) I have lost several little 8 balls! I thought once they started growing then they had already been pollinated! Who knew! (everyone but me I guess)
3. start earlier!!! And plant MORE! In case of unexpected little monster kitties eating all your seedlings!
4. Spread out the squash...even the bush kind! They are huge!
5. Put all my brassicas in one box so I can keep them covered to keep the loopers out! Darn loopers!
6. I need a separate tomato box! They just take over!
7. And get a scale so I can keep up with all of you and your beautiful harvests!
I am sure there is more and will be more! And I bet most you gardeners know all this already! I am absolutely thrilled with how much better my garden has turned out this year already. With all my new knowledge it can only improve!
Got any great gardening tips! Share them! You'd be surprised how even the simplest of tips can help out new and experimenting new gardeners!


  1. LOL! My son got all excited over the "magic beans" too. Only he's 37 years old! ;-)

  2. Thanks for sharing you "learnings." I've learned much of what you mentioned. There needs to be MORE of everything! (enter whining) But I just don't have the space... ;-)

    I'm growing the Burgundy's next season for sure! They're just to neat and pretty not to.

  3. Momma_S those are great beans, but they don't produce as many as my green variety...might need to plant more of them to get the same amount! They are good though!

  4. I don't think it matters how many years you've been gardening - it seems there's always something to learn! I had to laugh though when you noted to PLANT MORE! Isn't that always the way? ;^)