Friday, July 10, 2009

New Addition: Limerock Ruby Hybrid Coreopsis

I just love this color. This is my second set of coreopsis plants. I have two Moonbeam Coreopsis near the patio. Now I have to find room for these two somewhere. I think that coreopsis is becoming one of my favorites.

I think they would look great on the other side with the Paprika and Laura Red Achillea. But this bed is really starting to fill in. Those are the surprise Nasturtium. Lots of cosmos. Salvias that are not blooming yet. There are a variety of reds and oranges on this side.

In the veggie garden today, I picked another 8 Ball Zucchini. Killed a few squash bugs, that only seem to be hanging around the Dill's Atlantic Giant plants...hmm. And killed some loopers...ewww! I swear my garden is swarming with bugs, but I don't know what all is bad and what all is good. The ants are terrible, and I think they are trying to farm some aphids....grrr. Most things seem to be doing ok, but my bean plants are going down hill fast. The ones that were producing are turning yellow and getting holes. The other ones that should be producing by now look very sickly and yellow. I don't know what is wrong with them. I planted more though, so hopefully between these and the next we will get some more!
I also found a shedded skin on the bottom of one of the serrano pepper leaves. I don't know what shed there...but I hope it doesn't do any damage, cause I can't find it!
I know it is getting late, but I planted a few more things to try to get an extra harvest...cucumbers, zucchini, beans, cilantro. If everything grows all right I should have enough growing days left before first frost!


  1. Just a great day for coreopsis! That 'Limerock Ruby' is very nice. Coreopsis is a great plant I can see why you like it!

  2. I saw some traffic coming to my site from a question about lawn fungus you posted on a forum, hope you don't mind me posting a response here since I didn't want to create an account there.

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    If you're having a problem with ants, try planting some mint nearby. Bury a container in the soil because mint spreads easily and will take over a lot of area.

    You have a very lovely garden and your coreopsis look beautiful. I would have liked to plant some but I need to find something that's resistant to powdery mildew for that area.