Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Returning home to harvest

Well this 8 ball zucchini got a little larger than it was suppose to while we were gone! It grew fast! About 6 inches tall and 5 inches wide.
This is my total harvest today. I don't know if I cut the American Genuine cucumber to early or not but it looked good enough to eat! So I cut it!
A couple of pictures from Denver! The kids really enjoyed seeing the elk in the river!


  1. Welcome back! I missed your blogs!

    So you are trying to tell me THAT is a zucchini? noooo that is a.....strange looking watermelon! I had NO IDEA they looked like that! Round? I thought they were bigger than cucumber but looked similar.

    Nice lettuce! I sooo hope I get some soon (in like 3 months)

    LOL how cute! I love the Elk. I bet the kids loved seeing that up close and personal!

  2. Thanks!
    Yes that is a zucchini, but regular ones do look like a cucumber, this is a different variety and you are suppose to pick it at 3-4 inches, not 5-6! It does almost look like a melon!

  3. Holy cow! That Zuke got HUGE fast! Was that the same one from your pic on 7/1????
    Thanks for sharing, and welcome home! ;-)

  4. Momma_s, I am pretty sure it is not. I had several get wilty and die before growing to maturity. Not sure why that is, but I did get a couple and there is another on the way!