Saturday, June 27, 2009

A busy day in the Garden! (lots of pics)

We got so much accomplished today in the yard and garden. It looks so nice!
(All pics are clickable for a larger view)
Here is a work in progress. We put cardboard and a little bit of landscape fabric down and covered it all with mulch.
Another view.

Yet another view.
A view from the window. We left a nice long area along the fence for the pumpkins to grow! We might need to put some edging along it to keep it from washing away!

The zucchini plants!

The watermelon and cucumber plants on the trellis.

A completely new garden! Yes Dave....I am an all or nothing girl! Once I start I want to see the finished product!

I had some extra seedlings waiting around on the patio for somewhere to go and decided to put them in this bare spot out in the back by the fence. Then I layed down more cardboard and put rock around the edge and filled it in with the rest of the mulch. Looks really nice! There are some sugar pumpkins, sebring zucchini and and ambrosia melon in there! And the twins pot of pumpkins they planted!
I do have to say...DH helped with much of this, especially the heavy lifting! Isn't he a keeper!


  1. I really like the look of a tidy garden, and yours looks very neat! That zucchini is making a run for it! Ha! You should still do a video....even if you do sound like a mouse...

  2. Thanks! We have been working very hard on it the past couple of years. You should have seen it when we moved in! Uhg!
    I hope the zucchini does well! And you are suppose to pick it at 2-3" diameter for best taste. So I don't know how big they "could" get.

    And uh no! You just want a good laugh! lol!

  3. Shawn Ann, it looks great! Everything is so neat and lush and healthy looking....good job!

  4. Looks great. The bark is great during the rain instead of mud and looks neat as well. I have the same bark down around my high raised vegie beds.