Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Spring in the Garden!

I have decided to start a separate blog for just my gardening progress! Spring is here and the garden is started and I would like to track the progress as our garden grows!

This is the back bed next to the deck and if you had seen it last week you would think this is an amazing was taken over by weeds, completely full. Now it is full of marigolds, two Moonbeam Coreopsis, Lilies, and Alyssum.

This is the other side of the deck where I planted some new Paprika Achillea some marigolds and those are grape tomatoes hanging in the pots. And of course the Daffodils are dying off.

This is the front of the deck, full of Lily's, 1 Azaleas and some marigolds.

This is our first attempt at Square Foot Gardening. There are tomatoes, cabbage, broccoli, lettuce, chard, spinach, beans, onions etc. Not sure what all is gonna make it yet.

Well, I will have more to share tomorrow for those interested in our garden progress.


  1. Are you loving SFG? This is my first year with it! I have 5 4x4 boxes and 6 4x8 boxes.

    I love it!!! I love not having WEEDS taking over!

    Best wishes for the plentiful harvest you dream of!!!

  2. Yes I love the sfg so far! we have 4 4x4 boxes and one 2x4 box. It's great! Only thing I hated was picking out all the maple seedlings that flew in the boxes...uhg!