Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sweet Potato Disappointment

Strep has been working it's way through our house the past couple weeks. Been too blah and too busy to get out to the garden much. But I got DH to help me dig up the sweet potatoes, which by how many vines and flowers we have had, I thought there would be plenty. My excitement was crushed when we only found 2 decent ones and only a few little ones. It was enough for one meal. Yes they were good, and my children gobbled them up, especially my son, he LOVES sweet potatoes. I think I will try planting them in one of my raised beds next year.
Also got the last two cucumbers, a very small cabbage, some broccoli sprouts, tomatoes, peppers and a few dry beans. I haven't even touched the cherry tomato plants in about 2 weeks. I think I am about to rip them all out. Frost is forecasted for one night this week, so it is probably a good time.
I do still have broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, parsnips, peas, chard, and a couple of other fall things going out there. And the garlic is in! Music garlic will be planted here soon too!

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  1. Sorry the overall sweet potato harvest was a disappointment, but the ones you did get look great along with the rest of your harvest.