Friday, October 21, 2011

Preparing for frost 10/21

Spent a good portion of the day picking all that I could before frost and pulling some tomato plants. It has taken a good portion of the day to clear two 8ft tomato beds and pick a bunch of odds and ends.
one last pile of beans will make a nice side one night this week. I thought they were done, they surprised me.

The raspberries are still going, there are several more blossoms out there. I don't know if they will make it past the frost though...

The one and only Dills Atlantic Giant, ha! It never did fully mature before the SVBs destroyed the vine. 2 more sugar pumpkins. That gives me 3 more to steam up and freeze! That is the last of them out of my garden for this year though.

Black Cherry tomatoes

small sweet peppers! Hopefully a good many will still turn! Otherwise, DH will be eating a lot of green peppers cause the kids don't like them green!

Matt's Wild Cherry. I still have not gotten all of these! I chopped off a huge portion of the plant and it is still 8 ft tall and the other "little" one, is not so little anymore!

Stole a shelf in the garage from DH. This is all the larger tomatoes. Those beds have been cleared.
Lots of work while still trying to get over being sick. Blech! Was tempting to just leave it all. But I got most of it. 

Anyone plant parsnips over winter? My mom keeps telling me that that is how my gramma grew them in MI, over the winter. Thinking about trying it. I have a box of parsnips that will be picked soon that were planted in spring. But now that I got the tomato bed cleaned out, I thought about putting some in there. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


  1. I think you CAN plant parsnips to overwinter. I'm in MI and while I don't grow them myself, I know someone who plants them in september, leaves 'em until spring & harvests them then. She puts straw on top until there is sufficient snow cover, though I'm not sure that's necessary.

  2. Thanks Dorothy, I am going ahead and trying it and see what happens! Doesn't hurt to try!

  3. Hi Shawn Ann,

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    ~ Janey

  4. My dad grows parsnips over winter but its probably a much milder winter than yours. Lots of frost and very occasional snow but it wouldn't drop too much below 32F very often. Sorry to hear you've not been well.