Sunday, May 23, 2010

Harvested the Lettuce and Spinach and bean problems

Today got really hot, so I decided it might be time to pull the Lettuce and the Spinach. This lettuce is drying on a full bath towel and the spinach is in my largest bowl. We will be having a lot of salads and sandwiches the next few days. 
And the spinach ought to give us one or two good meals if I steam it, more if I leave it raw. Maybe if I have time I will make some spinach pasta! Oh the possibilities. 
This is my first successful crop of both spinach and lettuce so I am very happy about that. I had 4 square feet of lettuce full and two square feet of spinach full. Now I have to decide what I am going to plant in their place.
I pulled one pea pod off today to see how big they were inside, not big enough yet. Is there any better way to check?
Well, as I was checking the beans today, they look like some kind of suckering bug has been eating from the backsides of the leaves or something. This is what they look like.
I looked for aphids, did not find any. Anyone have any thoughts on this one?


  1. Phew! Glad you got your huge greens out before the bolted!

    I think the browning/curling on your bean leaves is from too much water. I've had that before. I don't know why they'd dry and shrivel from too much water, but it stopped happening when I watered less...

  2. Hmm, funny thing is, I haven't watered them, just the rain clouds! Well, I guess we'll just see what happens to them after this stretch of hot dry weather!

  3. That looks like leaf miner damage on your bean leaves. Beans and beets are both host plants for the miners, you're lucky they didn't get to your spinach. If you look at the backs of the leaves you'll probably find tiny white eggs. Just rub them off. When miners get to my bean leaves, I try to keep the damaged leaves picked off, but if you don't have many leaves, you can't so that. They won't hurt the beans themselves, but they sure make the plants look ugly.

  4. I had the same look on my eggplant leaves. They were sitting on my porch getting used to the outdoors before being planted in the ground. They were watered but they were in very small pots. It got hot then cold, then hot on and on. Only three of the many plants there were affected. I ended up blaming it on this very strange weather here I planted them out anyway and they seem to be doing fine. Here in zone 8B it is cold again, record cold, record rain for this time of year. Will spring ever get here?