Saturday, May 8, 2010

Garden Additions. Baby Food. Pancakes.

This morning for breakfast, my dear husband made Dairy/Soy free pancakes…blue. With a fresh berry puree on top. Mmmm they were good. I posted pancake recipes in the recipe tab at the top.
Then, we began working on the garden. A new bed for my tomatoes and basil. 8 inches deep, 3 feet wide and 8 ft long. Yes, that is Eli in the middle of the garden! And on the other side of the fence is the neighbor’s stinky puppy after he has torn up yet another insect cover! Grrrr!
And it is still probably going to be overgrown, assuming I don’t lose any! They look pretty pitiful in this picture, but after they had a nice long drink and a cover to protect them from this chilly day, they perked up!
This is the part of the season I just love, before all the bugs and diseases attack and everything looks lush and green and healthy. My next favorite part is harvest! But you just can’t help but notice the beauty of it.
I planted some peppers in the raised beds, and some peppers out in the corner rock bed that has more shade. I wanted to see where they might do better this year. Cause they really didn’t do great last year. And last year I did a blog about my moms garden and she had a GREAT pepper harvest in the woods. What does it hurt to try!
I planted some Serrano’s, Habanero’s, and Bells out here and in the raised beds.
Oooh, strawberries! It won’t be long! The kids and I plan to go to Huber Farm again in a couple of weeks to play and go strawberry pickin! I’ll be sure to take photos!
This week on the menu…zucchini.
Tonight, we had zucchini/sweet potato/apple puree. It went much better than the zucchini plain! (see below)

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  1. LOL! I don't think he likes zucchini...not that I blame him. I don't think I'd like zucchini puree too much, either...Whole, fresh zucchini, yes, but puree, not so much!

  2. ya, he did much better with it mixed with other stuff. It was pretty funny though.