Thursday, May 20, 2010

A weekly update

My daughter is salivating over the strawberries. I don’t believe I will be able to keep her away from them long enough to actually do something with them…


Bed 1, Peas, Lettuce, Chard, Spinach, Onions. I have had a few good sandwiches from this bed so far! My daughter sees all the pea pods on the plants and is sure they are ready…though they are still flat!


Some summer squash, cucumbers along the left side there have sprouted. There is one pepper plant in here with a couple of flat rocks around it.


The cabbage, broccoli and Cauliflower is looking good, except for what appears to be some slug damage on a couple.


The Bush Beans are coming up nicely. There are also two basil plants in the top right and bottom left corners.


The Tomato/Basil Bed…it’s gonna get crowded in here!


Yesterday I bought this Petite Monarda at a local nursery and when I took it out of the pot to plant it, found a Lowes tag on the inside! I feel quite ripped off, considering I probably would have only paid half as much for it if I bought it at Lowes. And, when you buy plants at a nursery, don’t you expect a little better quality of plant? Either way, I feel a bit jaded here! Well, I planted it anyways, and I hope it does well. 


I do shop at Lowes, why wouldn’t I take advantage of my husbands discount. I get plenty of good plants from there, at cheap prices. But sometimes you just find things at a nursery that you can’t find at Lowes. My guess is, this plant was bought up last year at discount and some distributor sold it to the nursery. They just don’t have these flowers out at the box stores yet, cause they are not in bloom yet!


  1. Things are growing nicely! I see yummy salads in your near future... I need a napkin for my drooly chin. ;)

  2. oh I know, I have already picked a few nice piles of lettuce leaves for sandwiches, salads, and gave a bag to the neighbor! My kids like to just fold them up tight and eat em! Ha! People think my kids are funny!I'm just glad they like veggies!