Friday, May 14, 2010

Crazy Daisy and a Pink Girl

My little Daisy Flower watering her Daisy flower. A ‘Crazy Daisy’ Shasta Daisy. She is doing a good job.
I have been trying to find more perennials to fill my garden with so I can do less planting year after year but have more beautiful flowers. I thought my little Daisy would enjoy having some Daisies in our garden.
Pink Girl Tomato! Hadn’t seen this variety before so I thought I would grab it when I saw it at the fruit market. Plus, it is a lot farther ahead than my tomato plants and I really want some sooner rather than later! Call me impatient!
Look there…blossoms! Yipee!
I also buried it nice and deep! And put some suckers in water to see if I could get more! LIKE I DON’T ALREADY HAVE ENOUGH TOMATO PLANTS….”OH NEIGHBOR!” Huh, I still have seedlings in pots on the patio!
And here is my little garden helper. He wants to help with EVERYTHING garden related and I am really enjoying it!
Daisy doesn’t really have a lot of focus so I can only get her to help me for a moment.  Jacob on the other hand, plants seeds, waters, checks to see if they are growing yet. Oh, but they are both eager to pick stuff…even if it isn’t ready yet! Daisy ate 4 green strawberries yesterday! But I think that they are beginning to understand that you shouldn’t pick stuff until it is ready! By the time they get it, Eli will be picking the green stuff! LOL!
I think I will be getting some nice pictures of the beds next week. The bush beans have all sprouted, a few cucumbers are coming up. They didn’t make it inside, so I started all over outside. The summer squash is growing, the beds will soon look full!

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  1. Everything is looking so good, and the girl's a doll.