Monday, May 17, 2010

Planning ahead and looking back

We have done a lot of work cleaning up this back area, but haven’t really done much with it yet, behind the grass line, since we are still in the process of cleaning up large rocks and messes the previous homeowners made. We still need to jackhammer out a home made dam or something they built that is just a mess and makes a huge mess when it rains.

This is a look from our upstairs window into the back yard. The “dam” is right behind the shed along the side fence.


This is the sunniest side of the yard. There use to be grape and blackberry vines over here, but I wanted a vegetable garden. Not to worry, I didn’t just throw them away, I gave them to someone who wanted them and they transplanted them in their yard! They were not wasted!


This side of the yard is the shadiest. That whole clearing in the back was covered in Ivy, all the way down the side yard. I am starting to try to think of some shade plants that might look nice back here with less clutter. We have also trimmed back some trees. So maybe a little more will grow back their. And the neighbor has cut down a very large tree as well. It looks so much better and cleaner!


A Look back at the area when we first moved in

The shed is in pretty rough shape and we think filled with ants nests, so it will be going soon as well. When we can get a new one. It won’t be in this spot though, cause all the waters run right under it. That corner needs a desperate clearing and cleaning!


This old tree house was rotten and in a terrible spot. When we get a new shed, it will probably go right about there. It is the driest spot back there when it rains.


All the Ivy.It was so deep you would not believe the things I found in this mess. Lots of rusty old broken yard ornaments. Bags, yes several bags, of topsoil, small garden fencing. Really nice edging bricks, rusty old broken toys, you name it!


You can see all the grape and blackberry vines in this picture. We had pulled this bridge out from the back and sold it. But this is about the spot where my vegetable garden is now.


So, now, I am trying to think of some pretty plants to gently fill the empty area behind the rock line. Maybe some ferns, Hosta, I read some Monarda is a bit tolerant of shade, so maybe in a partly shady spot. I’ll be looking for all sorts of ideas to make this area pretty! Maybe some shrubs. So, that is my next project, getting something done with that clearing in the back under the shade trees. First thing, need a dumpster to get rid of the rest of the rock, the shed, the dam and anything else cluttering up the yard! I’ve tried to use up some of the rock around flower beds and also put some on freecycle and craigslist, but it still seems to never be gone, there is so much! So, maybe a dumpster will get rid of it once and for all! This is definitely a slow work in progress.


  1. Very pretty yard and garden! Go for the ferns. Funny, I blogged about my ferns today! Anyway, they're easy care and fast growing. Mine have been in place for more than twenty years. They die back in winter, which is a bit ugly, but they're so beautiful the rest of the year that I deal with it.

  2. Thanks Granny! I do already have 1 or 2 Cinnamon Ferns I am trying to get started in a pot on the patio. I will be putting them out there. maybe I'll get more if they are still at the store and I have a little money! My poor husband thinks I want to break the bank with all my planting!