Friday, June 4, 2010

Gone for just one week…


And I can’t believe all I came home to.

First, I thought I would miss the Lilies in bloom, but they are looking great!

IMG_1662_1 IMG_1663

Here are some lilies surrounding my Pomegranate Achillea. They look so nice together I think! I really like this new Pomegranate color in my garden.


Now the biggest shock is the vegetable garden. Everything went from this:


to this:


Yes that is the same bed, 1 week! I love the garden!




And last week this bed looked like this:


And tomatoes now:


That will be one very full bed of tomatoes! Some of the plants have gotten just HUGE in one week! They are hanging over the other side.

And my first pepper of the season, a Purple Beauty Bell! How nice!


Now, this little plant seems to just take a beating and keeps on going! I have practically killed this Gloxinia off several times since I bought it last season. It appears it likes a dryer and shadier site. But I am glad it is coming back and can’t wait for a bloom!


And I had a small harvest! These are my first peas EVER! I got about 2 cups worth out of this pile and will be adding it to a Homemade Chicken Pot Pie! And this was the largest head of broccoli I had out there, but I have 3-4 more, and some heads of cabbage forming as well. I’ll have to check the Cauli tomorrow!


As for our trip, we had a great time in Denver visiting family. We went to Tiny Town, The Denver Aquarium, had a nice family brunch on Memorial day and it was a LONG drive with two 4 year olds and a 7 mo old! But they did really well!



And we enjoyed a lovely garden at a local park



  1. Wow, your garden sure did grow alot in just one week. Maybe i'll try the same thing! Hehe...

  2. Oh.My.Goodness! Your garden and flowers are looking absolutely beautiful! I wonder...if I leave my garden....

    Baby Eli has grown faster than a weed. I won't be able to call him "baby" much longer.

  3. Thanks guys! It is always scary to leave the garden for even a bit. You never know what you will come home to...a dead garden or a flourishing garden! I prefer the second one!

    Granny, he is growing like crazy, I prefer to say growing like a wild flower though, cause I HATE weeds! He he! He is a big boy just like his daddy! We like to grow things big around here! Ha! Vegetables, boys, whatever! ;)

  4. Whoa! One week? Garden's only do that when we leave, ya know... A watched pot never boils (I sound like my mom) LOL!

    The Purple Beauty is awesome! I thought it would've been a few different shades before turning purple...

    7 months already? He's getting so big! The last picture is just *precious*!