Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May Garden Update and a little baby food.

I am glad I haven’t had all the rain my mom has had down in the Nashville area. Whew, what a mess down there. We did get quite a bit of rain here for several days, and our white water river in the back yard was in full force, but we didn’t have any flooding problems close to us, although there is quite a bit in KY. Only a little of our mulch was washed away. Nothing like last year. If my mom sends me any photos of the flooding I will post them.

A little progress in the gardens…

This is the Dynamite Crape Myrtle that was replaced and planted in the Fall. Sadly, the top did not survive the winter.


But a few small stems are beginning to poke out. I am so glad, but I wonder how long it will take it to get large again. And hopefully I can take good enough care of it to help it make it through future winters.


I found a Maple seedling of a red kind in the yard and decided to save it. Not sure exactly what kind it is, so I will have to find out. There is another out there I might save as well. Who knows, by the time they are big enough to plant, we could be in a new house by then….which will be a few years.


This is one of my front flower beds, I planted the Patriot and Francee Plantain Lily Hosta’s along with some red and white impatiens. It will look beautiful later in the summer!


The first veg bed is looking quite good. The flowers are budding on the peas. I need to dig into some of that lettuce and stuff! Maybe I’ll have some on my burger tonight!


I planted this Oregano plant last year and it looks so nice this year. It is a beautiful plant. Hope it doesn’t take over my sfg!


The Weigela on the left is in full bloom and gorgeous. I keep trying to propagate it but have not been successful yet!  And on the right is the white Crape Myrtle that we transplanted in the fall. It has come back beautifully! I think I need to start shaping it the way I want it though. I also transplanted the lighter pink Azalea in the middle and it looks quite nice. There are some Day Lilies planted in there and I am gonna plant some Blue Fescue in there too.


This is my Clematis, it is doing great. I think I need to cut it way back before new growth though so it will look better.


I planted my Snowhill Salvia right in the back middle there with the Hosta’s and red and white impatiens.


And I made an ice cube batch of Sweet Potato Apple Sauce for the baby. He LOVED it! Wish I had those from the garden, but, no. I haven’t ventured that far yet.



  1. Sweet potatoes are so easy. Plant and forget. Seriously. I'm doing mine in pots this year. We'll see how those do.

  2. We used to live in the Memphis area, and had been to Nashville a few times. I can not believe the pics I'm seeing. It's almost as bad as Katrina. I'm glad your mom is okay. The stars seem to be giving back, as well they should, so maybe it won't take too long for Nashville to set itself right.
    Your garden looks great so far. Didn't read too much last nite, as I was talking to my kids on FB and stuff. Great blog so far.