Thursday, May 13, 2010

Working on my first reupholster project

I have six of these dining chairs that not only do not match anything, but the kids and cats have destroyed them. So, I have decided to try to take on my first reupholstering project! Whew.


I cannot tell you how many staples were in this one chair! If you’ve done this before you probably know. It has taken me half the day to get them all out.


Here it is, all naked!  And the only way Eli napped today, in the swing, next to me, hammering out staples! Crazy!  Now, I need to start shopping!


I am only starting with one, just to make sure I can do it first. I hope I can remember how everything goes back together and the order. Either way, anything will look better than it did covered in milk, yogurt, oatmeal, spaghetti, you name it!

I am thinking some browns and tan colors. We’ll see what’s on sale! Maybe it will look like a whole new room when I am done!


  1. Neat! I'm looking forward to the results of your new venture. Once you're done, I highly recommend investing in these chair covers: My mom uses them, and they're awesome (I'd use them too if I used my dining table for sitting at LOL).

  2. oh yes...that is the plan. Though I wonder if they make full chair covers, cause they get their grimy hands all over the place! I'll be looking for those!