Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Six Spotted Tiger Beetle

I am pretty sure that is what this bug is, the above link is the closest picture I have found to match my own below. 
I am so happy this little guy was in my garden. I say "was" because unfortunately I killed him. Not on purpose. I scooped him up with these sticks and dirt and put him in a baggy so I could go into the house and look him up before I released him back in the garden. I thought maybe he was beneficial but I wanted to be positive! Uhg, I need to know my bugs better. This bug eats ANTS and Springtails!!! And boy do I have an oversupply of both! And I wish there were more Tiger Beetles in my yard, but upon reading more, I have learned that they most likely live alone unless they are mating! But I'll keep watching. Maybe I'll find another and I will put him right in the middle of my garden! Maybe I will get more plants that will attract them, cause we really could use a reduction in our ant population around here! Maybe all the ants and springtails will attract them and they will eat them ALL!!! Ha Ha! 
 Anyways, when I went in the house to find out what it was, dh was using the computer so I needed to wait. By the time I remembered though, it was a couple days later and poor Tiger Beetle appears to be dead. Wish it was just a game he was playing!
But, according to the above site, some plants they like are Blue Grass, check! Ok, that is about it for our yard, and it is in the front, not back. But, the Cinnamon Fern looks nice, maybe I'll have to see how they do in our area and get one! Not too sure about the rest of them though.
Well, I hope you liked my little lesson on what NOT to do to your beneficials!
Oh, and maybe I need to keep this handy by the garden...

LOL, this is one of my kids little bug houses. But hey, it might work!

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