Sunday, June 7, 2009

Vegetable Garden in Progress

We have been working in the garden today, even though the kids and I have been sick. I just got it last night, they are getting over it.
Last fall we transplanted some hostas from the back yard to around the front tree. Some did not make it so I transplanted some more, that would be the smaller ones. Hopefully they will catch up with a little care and fertilizer.
We finally put some compost down on the side bed. Now it just needs and edge.

The pumpkins, melons, and flowers are doing well, as long as the cats and bunnies stay away. One has been nibbled on already.

On the left is one seeded and one seedless watermelon and Lemon and American Slicing Cucumbers. In the back is tomato and oregano, I trimmed the oregano down. Hope that helps it along. In the middle I have some cilantro and habanero peppers. And a Serrano pepper on the right side.

Here I have bell peppers in the middle. Cabbage in the left bottom corner. And some Acorn seedling just starting to come up in the right bottom corner.

Tomato, Broccoli, cabbage, catnip, and another Acorn seedling. There is some more tomato and Serrano pepper behind the big tomato plant.

This was the first bed started with tomato, beans, lettuce, chard, spicy bush basil, and I just added some summer squash to the left. It all appears to be doing well even though most of it was late getting going.

An overall view. Still haven't got the paths in yet. Maybe when we don't have so much other work to do in the yard. It isn't a top priority as long as the garden is growing!

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